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CAMPAIGN GOAL: The goal of the Blood Diamond Campaign is to raise $10,000. We will accomplish this goal by producing a limited run of 100 Blood Diamond T-shirts and sell them at $100 a piece. Proceeds will be donated to Priority Africa Network to assist them in their fight to inform and mobilize people of the African Diaspora by promoting peace and democracy as well as economic, political, racial, gender and social justice.

Blood Diamond

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I pledge allegiance to the alliance

of the United States of Amerikkka

I rep my gang and I bang my set

even though they assassinated my character


I fly my flag and rock my colors

Draped in red, white, and blue

even though I haven’t received reparations 

From a nation that owes me just due


USA the real Mob

The biggest and most organized gang

Steady mobbing and aint worried about nothin

All you other countries are just lame


Selling drugs and running guns under covert operations 

Smashin for our rations

Invading other nations and enslaving their populations 

Never mind these politicians that tell political lies

The systems rigged and it’s designed to hide our criminal ties 


Gangstas, run the world

And it’s enforced by thugs

And it’s to them I pledge my allegiance

Pledge my life and my guns

                + Author Jae Noirel

                ©2017 Prison Poetry: Peace of Mind for a Tortured Soul 

"No one owns the water, No one owns the lands, No one owns the oceans, No one owns the sands. These are given by our Mother. The planet provides for free. Only by hands of the greedy does the Earth require a fee."


Poet Christopher

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blood dia·mond noun

noun: blood diamond; plural noun: blood diamonds

  1. another term for conflict diamond.

  2. Blood diamonds are diamonds mined in a war zone and sold to finance an insurgency, an invading army's war efforts, or a warlord's activity.

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