Amrcn Grxxd, is a novelty brand dedicated to creating authentic and exclusive Art & Apparel 4 the People. As a company, we acknowledge the unsustainable lifestyle that we as Americans have grown accustom too living and bring awareness to this problem through the medium of art and creative innovation. As a brand, we represent the struggle and hustle of the everyday average American, from all walks of life. We recognize money as being a motivating force as well as sustenance to maintain a comfortable lifestyle, but also acknowledge the greed that is tearing our country apart. We do not condone the corruption and immorality that permeates our society, but rather put a spotlight on it to highlight the problems and solutions. 

The AMG Project: The mission of The AMG Project is to raise awareness in the world concerning subjects of racism, oppression and mass incarceration. Our goal is to raise capitol through our carefully crafted campaigns and direct proceeds to non-profit organizations that are committed to community activism. Through our art, music and poetry, we encourage our audience to support the organizations that are on the frontline's and making a real difference in our communities.


Our message, like Hip-Hop is often raw and unapologetic, yet very necessary. We consciously and with meaningful intent maintain the authenticity of our message, where it comes from and where we want it to go. It may make some a bit uncomfortable but like any great art, that is what it is designed to do.